The Fellatiat (violettak) wrote in fog_city,
The Fellatiat


I don't fancy myself much of a coffee-house poet, but I am a poet of sorts.. good or bad, just wanted to support this community by posting something.

by the way, Johannes, this is proof positive that true love does exist.. :p

:The Aftermath of Being a Poet:

You tapped on my shoulder –
Gently, -
And, suddenly..
I knew you.
And it’s as if I’ve known you forever,
With no real concept of time.

I looked up to you
At the right moment,
With the right glance,
And in that brief exchange..
The things I already knew to be beautiful
Had changed forever.

And when I touched your hand
I became part of that evolution,
An immediate bond replaced
Our unrequited love
And we changed from being
Two people searching for beauty
One love continuing along beauty’s path.

And, so I remember with great emotion,
How you grew into who I always thought you were.

Who are you?

You are every degree of my intense love.
You are everything my passion yearns for.
You are unlike anyone I’ve ever known.
You are who I’ve suffered to live for all these years.
You are who I could never achieve to be.
You are my God, my saviour.
You are my Angel, my spiritual guardian.
You are my physical, my emotional pain.
You are my pleasure, my passion, my lust.
You are my hatred, my disdain, my violence.
You are nothing and everything in one breath.
You are the deep thoughts that kept me hanging on.
You are the morning kiss and the midnight snack.
You are as pure as the blood I offer you.
You are the eternal thought that makes me happy.
You are the one great mystery in life I learned how to solve.
And you are who I can not live without.
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