pagandom (pagandom) wrote in fog_city,


Blood drips
My fragile heart beating again
For once knows life again
So many years drenched in fat and sadness
Coming alive
Jump started by lust and pain

Connection down an electric highway
For a moment I forget who I am
and somebody else shows up
I'm not sure I know him, but
Very well I may want to fuck him
Like he was me, or least something like it

Moments in the future running from cybernetic monkeys
Keeping the DNA secure and personal
But at least you are there - maybe not blood
But chosen by me none the less
As my flesh and blood

Drinking the marrow and grasping at ghosts
Of things that will never be
After 100 years of sadness it's hard
To imagine oceans and rain forests
Flowers and fairies
But knowing the all of you makes
It seem like it may actually be true
And if it is, I need to see the ocean
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